Social media spending expected to rise 73% over next 5 years

If you're here (skimming this), you probably understand in today's market a business MUST have a social media presence. Having the proper resources to manage their social media presence is often missing. As a result, more businesses are outsourcing their social media management.

How much does social media management cost?

You're right that it's not simple nor clear cut. There's many factors including scope of work, experience level, business & industry type, etc.

Scope of work

  • What are your social media goals and what do you want to see online?
  • Amount of social media platforms needing managed? Exsisting or brand new?
  • Paid or Organic?
  • Content Creation (blogging, graphic design, copywriting)?
  • Customer Service (complaints and follow-up)? internal company employee?

Additional overhead/internal costs

  • Will internal support/freelancers be needed?
  • Tools and software?
  • Office/coworking space, supplies, administrative duties?

How do I charge for social media management?

I prefer a monthly (fixed-fee) for services over hourly rates or retainer. I find this to be more benficial for clients. Focusing on deliverables (i.e. blog post, social profile creation, etc.) to accurately measure the number of hours to complete set task/project works best.