Digital Marketing Strategist, AXIM Fringe Solutions Group, Rockville, MD. 2/2014 - 3/2020

Website - Axim Fringe Solutions Group

LinkedIn - Axim FSG

Twitter - @AximFSG

My Duties

● Led projects to redesign web pages, diversify strategies, and revitalize social media presence. Measured and evaluated online trends, discussions, and innovations to optimize strategies. Analyzed website data such as traffic, interactions, and conversions to find areas for improvement. Identified technology to support the company’s digital strategies.

● Maintained in-depth understanding of government contracting practices and trends to best promote products. Collected government contractor data using various research methods to refine results and optimize marketing strategies.

● Strengthened brand communication with in-depth analyses of competitors, market conditions, and target audiences. Identified appropriate marketing channels and demographics for campaigns. Created customized marketing materials to increase product awareness.